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Thursday, April 15, 2010

sample 1.

some photos of my first sample. i'm not lining or doing finishes on this one, i just wanted to see what the shape of my pattern was like. as you can see its not great. the first image shows the waist seam which looks too big. i was worried about excess fabric under the arm and at the back as shown in image 2 but gillian assured me that once elasticated it wont be an issue. Image 3 and 4 show my pattern pinned at waist - Gillian said something about not sewing the final waist seam this way so i'll have to remember to find out the proper way. Last photo shows side view, I dont like the gather at side seam or the shape of length of leg, even with the 1cm elasticating allowance it's still too long! so lots of changes to make, back to the drawing board!

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