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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sample Review!!

Photos from sample review. I was happy with how the sample looked but there are a few changes i need to make if i want to be really happy withe the final swimsuit! the back looks good, i like the curve of the back, but i want to change the way it sits on the bum - i want it more 'cheeky' but lower at the side of the leg.

I'm changing the neckline curve to be a little wider - less U like and more circular. also in this photo you can see a definatle difference between the top and bottom half of the swimsuit to combat this i am losing the waist seam - it is adding unnecessary bulk and can hardly be seen through all of the fabric texture. I am going to sew a piece of elastic to the inside at the waist to make sure it really hugs at the waist! I much prefer the more organic looking texture on the top half of swimsuit and will recreate this for the final.

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