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Monday, May 24, 2010

Toile no 4.

Heres some photos of toile number 4. I had made some adjustments to the pattern and wanted to check them out. I have since made some more adjustments and am tossing up whether to make up another one??
changes I have made...
added 2 cm in length to the body, hopefully this is enough to ensure that the shirred baubles (I dont know what to call them) dont stretch and distort out of shape as they did on my sample.

smoothed out the side seams at the waist slightly

taken 1cm off the neckline, armholes and leglines because I am using binding now instead of the twin needle.

made the bum slightly more 'cheeky'..


I thought I would get some photos to document the procedure but it really is so simple - it took me less than an hour to sew this toile up. Its alot more time consuming though with my shirred fabric as I'm sure you can imagine!

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